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Lakeland Liqueur

At the Web site of ScotchWhisky.com I found a liqueur I had not heard of before: Lakeland Liqueur.
It is described there as follows:
The Original Lakeland Liqueur is a delicious combination of caramel, butterscotch and Scotch Whisky.

The inspiration for the special Lakeland taste came from the eighteenth century sugar cane trade from the West Indies. Many of the ingredients in traditional Westmorland recipes came from the goods brought to Whitehaven, then a large Port At the time, whisky was distilled in the farms across Westmorland and then mixed with caramelised cane sugar to produce a smooth, warming drink giving much needed energy for the harsh life on the fells.

Today blending caramel, butterscotch and Scotch Whisky produces this unique Lakeland taste. The Original Lakeland Liqueur has an alcohol content of 20% and is about half the sweetness of traditional liqueurs. This means that it is easy to drink and makes a fresh light aperitif.

Whitehave is a harbour town at the very western point of the Lake District, Cumbria. Though Scotch Whisky is used, this does not seem to be a real Scotch Liqueur.

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