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High Peak Liqueur

At the Web site of ScotchWhisky.com I found a liqueur I had not heard of before: High Peak Liqueur.
It is described there as follows:
High Peak liqueur is a combination of caramel flavours, vanilla and Scotch Whisky.The inspiration for the unique taste was a recipe for a Peak District dish found in a cookery book describing traditional recipes.

The caramel and vanilla flavours are layered over the whisky base producinga smooth and light taste, popular with whisky and non-whisky drinkers alike.

The High Peak label features the famous Blue John Stone, a translucent semi-precious mineral banded in blue, red, purple and yellow.

It is mined near Castleton in the Peak District, the only place in the world where Blue John Stone can be found. Prized for ornaments and jewellery since Roman Times, the Stone has also been used more recently for decoration in Windsor Castle, the White House and the Vatican.

The Peak District comprises two contrasting landscapes, known as the Dark the White Peak. The Dark Peak is north of Castleton and embraces the wildest country - this area is also known as the High Peak.

The Peak District, with a town called Castleton in it, lies between Sheffield and Manchester. Hence, though Scotch Whisky is used, this is not really a Scottish liqueur.

The now gone Liqueur page of "The Tryst" wrote no more than:

A delicious blend of Scotch whisky, caramel and spices.

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