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Heather Cream is produced by R. Carmichael and Sons Ltd., Airdrie, Lanarkshire, and it is made with single malt whisky. Since the liqueur contains dairy cream it should never be mixed with carbonated drinks.
Jana Lewis wrote me that she bought a bottle of Hearther Cream in Scotland in the summer of 2002 and it appears to be made by Inver House. Judging from the image at this Inver House page, the bottle looks different from the Carmichael-made bottle I have. Perhaps Inver House bought Carmichael and Sons?

The label at the back of the bottle from Carmichael and Sons I have reads:

Frae the bonny bells o'heather
They brewed a drink lang syne
T'was sweeter far than honey
T'was stronger far than wine.

Thus stated Robert Louis Stevenson on Malt Whisky, Scotland's national spirit, now irresistibly combined with rich double dairy cream in this exquisite liqueur, Heather Cream.
Made from natural ingredients, served at room temperature or lightluy chilled, it is the everyday luxury liqueur, as enjoyable after dinner as it is throughout the day.
When I first bought it the bottle came in a box, and at the back side of the box was this text:
Uncap a bittle of Heather Cream and unveil the luxuriously rich aroma tgat only this traditional Scottish liqueur can offer. The finest malt whisky, distilled and matured in the quiet heather covered Highland Glens, rich dairy cream and other natural ingredient, are painstakingly blenched to a well guarded recipe, culminating in a superb liqueur of international quality and renown. Smooth and silky, the initial soft sweetness is enhanced by the hint of whisky flavour slowly coming through towards the end.
Heather Cream can be savoured on its own, served either chilled or at room temperature, or used to add a distictive flavour to drinks and desserts. Ideal for adding a sense of luxury to a social occasion, for impressing dinner guests or simply for those who require little excuse other than to enjoy it for its magnetic Highland charms.

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