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[The Glenlivet 12] The Glenlivet 12

The Glenlivet 12, is a pure single malt Scotch whisky. It is, says the box I got it in and the bottle itself:

An exceptional whisky from
The Glenlivet Distillery,
aged in oak casks for more than
twelve unhurried years.

I like this "unhurried"!!
The whisky is distilled in SCotland by George & J.G. Smith, The Glenlivet Distillery - AB37 9DD, and it is also bottled in Scotland. The Distillery itself is "unhurried since 1824", is says.

The back side of the bottle contains a label, and this is what it says:

   The Home of The Glenlivet was the very first Highland distillery to be licensed to make Scotch whisky in 1824.
   Ever since, The Glenlivet has been distilled and matured with loving care, never leaving its old oak casks until it is a least twelve years old.
   The Glenlivet with its light, subtle bouquet and a mellow, rounded flavour is a single malt whisky of great elegance. You may find a different whisky - but you'll never find a better
   So, when you enjoy The Glenlivet 12 years old, take the distieelr's advice:
   ... don't be hurried.

Note: the name "The Glenlivet" is a registered trade mark.

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