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Prince Charles Edward's Liqueur Drambuie is also being made in a creamy form by The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd., Edinburgh, EH12 6UX (says the box) or EH29 9EE (says the bottle), U.K.

At both the back of the bottle (printed on the bottle itself) and of the box it says:

The Cream Liqueur is the distincitive taste of Drambuie wrapped around the silkiness and smoothness of freash dairy cream.
Enjoy straight, over ice of in cocktails.
To tast at its beste consume within six months f opering and avoid citrus or acidic mixers. Store between 5 - 25°C or 41- 77°F.
The front of the bottle has only a small label with the name and the bottle itself is worked such that from the label down it is as if a flow of cream is going down. The same flow can bee seen on the box that came along with the bottle I bought.
That small label says "since 1745", but that refers to the original Drambuie liqueur, not to this creamy variant -- that has been introduced only in the year 1999(?).

Picture of the bottle:    JPEG-format (8.2 kb)
(with thanks to Barbara de Back)

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There was an official Drambuie Cream Liquer web site, but that website seems to have gone. Does this mean that Drambuie Cream is no-longer made?

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