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Columba Cream is prepared and bottled by: John Murray & Co. (Mull) Ltd., Calgary, Isle of Mull, Scotland, PA75 6QT.

The label on the back of the bottle reads:

This exceptionally fine liqueur from the House of John Murray was named after Saint Columba who founded the Christian monastery circa 564 AD on the Island of Iona which has since been used as the burial place of Scottish kings.
This visionary and worker of miracles instructed his followers in Christian teaching and ordered their dispersion throughout the hills and glens of the land we now know as Scotland. Many of their cells are still in evidence today.
Columba Cream Liqueur is based on an ancient brose recipe that has been enjoyed by generations, going back to the days when whisky was first distilled around 1495. Natural ingredients of cream, honey and only the finest malt whisky give Columba Cream Liqueur a taste of distinction.
The bottle I bought came in a nice box. On one side of this box I read the same text, whereas the other side says:
The family business of John Murray & Co (Mull) Ltd is dedicated to the production of quality liqueurs using only the best natural ingredients.
Columba Cream Liqueur was developed from an ancient brose recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation on the Isle of Mull.
In times past each clan had its own recipe of brose. This drink was made on a daily basis from ingredients found on the crofts. Illicit whisky, from stills long since broken up by the excise men, oatmeal & cream were mixed together to give crofters & lairds alike a wee heartwarmer.
Columba Cream, made with cream, honey & legal malt whisky is a superior liqueur giving those who imbide a glimpse of the past with every glass.
To obtain further details of this & of our other products please write to: John Murray & Co (Mull) Ltd, Hilton, Bankfoot, Perthshire, Scotland PH1 4EB.
The Web site of the Scottish Liqueur Centre writes about Columba Cream:
Columba Cream is a quite delectable concoction based on a centuries-old family recipe for brose, a traditional Scots drink which was made daily (until the advent of refrigerators) using ingredients readily available on the crofts - whisky, oatmeal, cream, sometimes honey, sometimes fruit.
The now gone Liqueur page of "The Tryst" wrotes:
Named after Saint Columba, who founded the Christian monastry on Iona, Columba Cream Liqueur is based on an ancient brose recipe. Natural ingredients of cream, honey and only the finest malt whisky give Columba Cream a taste of distinction.

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