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Mrs. McGillivray's Scotch Apple Liqueur was made from the original recipe for Innes and Grieve Ltd., 14 York Place, Edinburgh, and was bottled by The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd., Edinburgh.
The Scotch Apple liqueur is no longer made,
in fact it has been available only a few years.
The label at the back of the bottle reads:
A favourite source of conversation with Mrs. Gena Mackinnon, wife of the founder of The Drambuie Liqueur Co. Limited, were the many virtues of home made wines and liqueurs. During these discussions she talked of a certain Mrs. McGillvray who having an overabundant orchard at her Wester Ross home delighted in preserving in a variety of ways as much of nature's fruits as possible. One of the most delightful and always popular amongst her many friends was her "Scotch Apple".
With the bottle I bought came a few recipes. Here are three ways to drink Scotch Apple (haven't tried them):

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