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Heather Reid

[Heather Reid] "Hello there ..."

These are the words Heather Reid almost always starts with when she presents the weather forecast on BBC-Scotland on weekdays.

During my Stay in Dundee I have often watched Heather present the weather and I enjoyed watching it. Heather presents the weather in a very nice and clear way, without fuss, and not as if she is just reading her lesson. As a matter of fact, the broadcast is live and unscripted!

Source of that: A page about Heather Reid in the section "Windows on Women", about women in science, engineering and technology, at The University of Strathclyde; the page contains very nice picture (6kb) of Heather.

To be honest, I also like to see Heather.
I have never met her in person, but I think she is a nice, charming woman.

Anyway, on 19 May 1998 I took some photos of Heather.

Since the reception was not too good and since the photos are made from a tv screen (using a video, which I stopped and then took pictures at 1/2 sec. shutter time), the quality of the photos is not very good; furthermore it appears to be very difficult to aim the camera properly at the screen -- I appologise to Heather for all of this!!
But I think that the photos give you an idea about Heather's Weather, and they are for me a memory aid now I am back in The Netherlands.
The presenter of the Scottish news (Jackie, Ann, Fiona, or whoever it is that day) announces Heather with the weather. Heather then turns in the camera with her wonderfull "Hello there ..." and first talks about the weather of that day, with a picture of some place in Scotland behind her, in this case Aberdeen:
(Click on the picture for a larger version; 30-44kb jpeg's)


Using maps and charts, Heather shows a bit more about todays weather, for instance where the rainy clouds where this afternoon:


Then Heather gives the weather forecast for tomorrow. First she uses a isobar map of Europe, showing where the warm and cold front are going to. Then she shows a map of the UK and of Scotland with the forecast of the temperature, clouds, etc.:


On Friday this is followed by some details for hillwalking and sailing (in summer) or skiing (in winter).
Heather then gives a four-day forecast for Scotland, which helps you plan a little ahead. And Heather ends with a summary of the forecast for tomorrow for Scotland.

I also took some pictures closer by, but these are less clear because you start seeing the structure of the tv screen. And on reduction to the size used here as inlined images you see the interference of the frequencies of the tv screen: strange "waves" appear on the picture. Here are three pictures to show you what I mean:


If you want to see Heather present the weather, you will have to watch BBC-Scotland on tv: that gives you the best pictures.

Alternatively, if you have a Real Player for audio and video check in via the Web page of BBC News / Scotland, where you can click through to the Audio/Video programs. Heather presents the weather during the last five minutes of the half-hour long programme "Reporting Scotland" (that is: the 18:30 o'clock Scottish news). It is a very small picture, but it is something. And you can hear Heather's way of presenting the weather forcast, with her pleasant Scottish accent. I am not sure at what time(s) of the day the video is available.
Thanks to Kenneth Simpson for pointing me to this site.

Note added on 25 January 2000
There was a page about Heather 'the weather' Reid at the BBC-Scotland site, but it seems to have gone ... Heather still presents the weather, though, as far as I know.

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