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A change is slow in coming
My eyes can scarcely see
The rays of hope come streaming
Through the smoke of apathy


May the spirit never die
Though a troubled heart feels pain
When this long winter is over
It will blossom once again

Loreena McKennitt - Breaking the silence

And if there's only one reason
To live in this world,
I'll find it...
And if there's only one reason
To give of yourself,
Ask the lonely and the dying.

All about Eve - Only one reason


Never cry because you're lonely
Your love will always be around the bend

And never cry because you think you can't make it
You've made it this far
That's better than most

Happy Rhodes - Ode


God's Final Message to His Creation:

We apologise for the inconvenience

Douglas Adams (1952-2001) - So long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Ch. 40)

Citations I want to remember

A nice wyf and a back doore
oft maketh a rich man poore

     -- on a wall in Earlshall Castle, Leuchars (Fife, Scotland)


"... Did I ever tell you that you're the most fascinating woman this side of the Rockies?"
"Wait'll you see me on the other side."

     -- William Powell & Myrna Loy as Nick & Nora Charles


The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.

     -- Charles Darwin


It is better to have had your wish,
than to have wished you had.

     -- from a song in "Everyone says I love you" (Woody Allen; 1996)


However high we climb in the pursuit of knowledge we shall still see heights above us, and the more we extend our view, the more conscious we shall be of the immensity which lies beyond.

     -- William Armstrong (1810-1900)

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