Myrna Loy    (1905-1993)

"... Did I ever tell you that you're the most fascinating woman this side of the Rockies?"

"Wait'll you see me on the other side."

     -- William Powell & Myrna Loy as Nick & Nora Charles


cover of the video of 'The Thin Man' This is one of the snappy dialogues between Powell and Loy in one of their many films together. The two together works like magic in movies, in comic detectives like the magnificent The Thin Man (1934 - on the right the cover of the video; 37kb) and its five follow-ups, or in other comedies like I Love You Again (1940). These are amoung my favourite movies of all times! And of all actresses I have seen, Myrna Loy is by far my favourite actress.

This page gives some info on and pictures of Myrna -- just for fun, without trying to be complete in any way.
Myrna Loy was born as Myrna Williams on 02 August 1905 (in Helena, Montana, USA) and dies 14 December 1993 (in New York, New York, USA) during surgery. She was 5'6" (about 1.68 m) tall, and she acted in some 135 movies.

I have tried to find photos of Myrna Loy on the Internet, and this page gives some of the results: some photos and some links to photo pages on the Web.

Here is a brief biography of Myrna Loy (10 kb) with a list of the films she played in.
Found on THE SUPERSTARS OF THE 1930'S this description about Myrna Loy:

Loy was labeled the "Queen of Hollywood" in the thirties, a title she truly deserved. Loy's defining role was opposite the suave William Powell in "The Thin Man". Other notable films include: "The Mask of Fu Manchu", "The Great Ziegfeld", and "The Best Years of our Lives." Myrna Loy's dancing eyes, musical voice, and cute upturned nose graced many hits in the 30's and 40's. Loy represented the best of 30's sophistication and glamour, delivered up with a sense of humor.
The first mentioned Web site has these pictures:

JPEG (6 kb)

JPEG (16 kb)

JPEG (5 kb)
Myrna Loy From one of the "Thin Man" movies William Powell

Two pictures from 30'S SUPERSTARS - Myrna Loy (not so fond of the way Myrna looks here):

JPEG (7 kb)

JPEG (13 kb)
From After the Thin Man
with William Powell (1936)
From The Barbarian
with Ramon Novarro (1933)

Here are three other picturs I found (do not know from which movies they are); the second one is a part of the third.

JPEG (51 kb)

JPEG (50 kb)

JPEG (29 kb)

Pictures!!! At last, a whole lot of them at -- great collection! Cannot put them here: too much work -- and no use in having everything double on the Web, is it?

Found even a few more than these .... Better quite searching and do some real work :-)

A few more links

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