I am fond of cats, especially little kittens. On these pages I share with you some nice cat pictures.


With the help of my friend Pauline Vosbeek (we used to share an office at the University in Eindhoven) I have made my own ASCII-cat, which I use in the signature of my emails:

 ( "   " )
 (  ~ ~  )
  \ >Y< /   _
   )_,_(   /_\
  /  '  \ // \\
 (  . .  )\\  "
 /\ ) ( /\ \\
(  () ()  )//
(  () ()  )/
   "" ""

You can see my own cats on the pets page.

As you can see from that page I have no living cat myself: I think I am too often away and I just don't want a cat to be locked up in an apartment at floor number somemuch day in day out: a cat should have the freedom to wander around, to explore the world.


Cat pictures

Over the years I collected a number of cat pictures from Internet and I would like to share some with you here. I divided them over two pages to reduce loading time:

cat pictures -- part 1 (44 kb) (drawings and such)

cat pictures -- part 2 (40 kb) (photos of cats)

Some other nice things about cats:



Visit also Lucky's Home Page, with some nice pictures of Mark Fletcher's cat Lucky and to his wife's cats Jade, Sampson, and Emily.

The horizontal bar with the cat and mice are thanks to Moonbeam.

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