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The cuckoo came into my life on 2 November 1983 and cheered me up ever since. Oh, like every animal, it had its hick-ups and sometimes refused to move on, but on the whole the cuckoo has been doing well over these years.
Over the past few months, however, it had often trouble in getting started again when I wound it up, but with some extra weight for an hour or so it would start again.
But this was getting more and more problematic. And on the evening of 13 August 1999 its heart stopped ticking and nothing I did seemed to get it up and running again. Perhaps the summer heat we have had (with temperatures around and above 30 degrees for days on end) was too much for it, who can tell. I really missed it: the house was so very quiet ... sniff.
With some extra care, in the form of oil from a spray can for cleaning locks, and with the temperatures back to normal, the cuckoo came back to life again on 17 September. Since then the wonderfull ticking and cuckoo-ing again fills the house. And this has made me so very happy !!
Unfortunately the cuckoo's long arm is broken and splinted with tape, but I hope the cuckoo will be around for a long time to come.
[26 September 1999]


My cat collection in December 1999:


This show-case has just over 100 cats in it, plus 5 mice; next to it and elsewhere in my room there are some 20 other cats standing or hanging.

The above picture as JPEG (28kb)
The interior of the show-case at higher resolution as JPEG (53kb)
The collection in 1995 as JPEG (23kb)

I really do like cats, as you can see on my cats page (about 200 kb).


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