Sarah Brightman -- Concert in The Hague

Sarah's World Tour One night in Eden -- after the release of her CD Eden -- also brought her to The Netherlands.

Originally her concert was scheduled for 19 April 1999 in the Circustheater in Scheveningen (at the beach of The Hague). On 18 April I went to the Circustheater to see if I could perhaps get a leaflet, poster or something about the concert. But alas, no: nothing.
And what's more: they told me that the concert was cancelled at the last moment, and that it was shifted to 22 May and to the Netherlands Congress Centre.

I had no plans to go to the 19 April concert and below follows why. But I did go to the 22 May concert.

Why I chose not to go the 19 April concert

My visit to Sarah's concert in Edinburgh (Sept. 1997) made me l look forward to another concert because is was wonderful. Since I live in The Netherlands, the concert in the Circustheater on 19 April would be the opportunity for me to see and hear Sarah sing live again.
So I inquired about the prices for seats and was a little shocked ...

The cheapest seats are Dfl. 85.- (that is 38.57 euro or about US$ 45), which is acceptable. But it would give me a seat 24 rows (some 15 metres, I suppose) away from the stage: much too far for me to see what is happening on the stage, certainly too far to say any faces (my eyes are unfortunately not so good). And I do want to see something! Just hearing the music is not enough for me: I can do that at home.

Closer to the stage, at row 5 or so, the seats are in principle also not too expensive. But for this spesific concert you would have to pay Dfl. 225.- (102.10 euro, about US$ 120), which includes a dinner. The "profit" of these seats would be for a charity organisation called "Day by Day", which does work for the prevention of and fight against leukaemia.
I do not mind giving money to charity, but I like to choose that myself. Besides that, I would not have had enough time on 19 April for a dinner because of a conference I had to attend.

All in all, I decided not to buy a ticket for the 19 April concert.
I am a big Sarah fan, but Dfl. 225.- is too much money. It's not that I don't want to spend any money or so, but just not that much on a concert.
And 24 rows away from the stage is too much distance for me.
I'm just not much of a concert-goer, really.

Instead, I spent money on several CDs and books.
I bought the CD of Phantom of the Opera with the original London Cast, i.e. with Sarah(!) and Michael Crawford. And I bought the CD Voice of an Angel from the wonderful Charlotte Church, plus The Chieftains' latest CD Tears of Stone (on which among others Loreena McKennitt joins the band).

As mentioned, the concert was moved to 22 May.
And for that concert I did buy a ticket!

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