Sarah Brightman -- Naturaleza muerta

No ha salido el sol y Ana y Miguel ya prenden llama
Ella sobre él, hombre y mujer deshacen la cama
Y el mar que está loco por Ana prefiere no mirar
Los celos no perdonan
Al agua, ni a las algas, ni a la sal

Al amanecer ya está Miguel sobre su barca
Dame un beso amor y espera quieta junto a la playa
Y el mar murmura en su lenguaje: ¡Maldito pescador!
Despídete de ella - no quiero compartir su corazón

Y llorar, y llorar, y llorar por él
Y esperar, y esperar, y esperar de pie
En la orilla a que vuelva Miguel

Dicen en la aldea que esa roca blanca es Ana
Cubierta de sal y de coral espera en la playa
No esperes más niña de piedra, Miguel no va a volver
El mar le tiene preso
Por no querer cederle a una mujer


Incluso hay gente que asegura
Que cuando hay tempestad
Las olas las provoca
Miguel luchando a muerte con el mar

Y llorar, y llorar, y llorar por él
Y esperar, y esperar, y esperar de pie
Y llorar, y llorar sobre el mar ...

Music and lyrics: José Maria Cano

From: Timeless (1997).

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Carlos Edmar de Almeida Souza, with corrections by Debra, Carlos Pineda and Fabian Cervantes.

Carlos also send me a translation in English, with some corrections from me, from Kyle Lomeli and Lee Amizadai [both thanks to Colin M.], Claudia Waterhouse and Mexicow 23.

Still life

The sun hasn't come up but Ana and Miguel are already burning with love
She is lying on him, man and woman, they rumple the bedsheets
The sea, crazy about Ana, prefers not to watch
Jealousy cannot forgive
The water nor the seaweed nor the salt

At dawn, Miguel is already in his small boat
"Give me a kiss, my love, and wait for me at the beach"
And the sea murmurs in its own language: "Damned fisherman!"
"Say goodbye to her - I will not share her heart"

And weeping, and weeping, and weeping for him
And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, standing
On the shore until Miguel returns

In the village they say the white rock is Ana
Covered with salt and coral, waiting at the beach
Wait no more, girl of stone, Miguel will not return
The sea has him prisoner
Not wanting to release him to a woman


And there are people who are certain
That when there is tempest
The waves are provoked by
Miguel's battle to death with the sea

And weeping, and weeping, and weeping for him
And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, standing
And weeping, and weeping over the sea ...

Translating songs is always a little tricky, as one want to have a correct translation, but also one that reads well. The above translation has undergone several (small) changes.
To give an example: the third line of the chorus starts as "En la orilla", which can be "In the breeze" and "On the shore" -- the latter is probably the better translation here.

An important point of discussion has been the word barca in the sixth line of the song. Here it means a small boat, perhaps old and rickety -- after all Miguel is a poor fisherman, going out fishing on his own. It can be translated as bark, which has the literary meaning of "a small sailing ship of any type". The Frenche-like spelling barque can be used in English too, but that is used mainly for "a sailing ship with three masts, having square sails on the first two and a three-cornered sail on the third" [quotes from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1988]. So bark is here in fact the proper translation (The on-line dictionary gives as relevant description here: "a small vessel that is propelled by oars or sails".) It appears, however, that people get very confused by the use of bark in the translation, so I decided to use small boat instead.

The title, "Still life", refers to a scene like on a picture or painting of an arrangement of objects, such as flowers and fruit. Another translation of the title might be "Stillborn", as in "stillborn child".

        ===> Translation in French of this song:     Nature morte

Somewhere at the Web one could find author's (J.M. Cano) own transcription of the song and guitar notes, but that page has gone from the Web. It was part of the On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA), which had its own Web site at, but that page has gone, though the above link seems to lead to the same collection of songs (thanks to Colin M. for info on this).
Anyway, the page included also a rough translation, with minor differences with the above. Why don't I copy that one here? Both are free translations, so I can take my pick.

Colin M. has sent me also the URL of a Web page about a CD with J.M. Cano's songs, including this one: Aidalai (1991). It is from the group Mecano, which was formed by J.M. Cano, his brother Nacho and Ana Torroja [thanks to René Ramos and Saul Pena for info].

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