Sarah Brightman - The second element II

Burning fire
A light in the dark
Shining day and night for me
Flowing water
The source of our life
Covering the world in blue
Gentle air blowing
Caressing my face
Carry me into dreams of love

The endless symphony ...

Wasn't it you
Who was filling my dreams
The second element

Everywhere you are rife

Wasn't it you
Who was filling the streams
The second element

With the power of life

Creeks are winding
Just seeking their way
Hardly tryin' to reach the sea
Raindrops falling
From skies to the earth
Bringing life to you and me
Lakes of silence
A magical sound
Keeping secrets in the ground

A perfect harmony ...

Wasn't it you
Who was breaking the light
The second element

And the rainbows arise

Oh, wasn't it you
Who was standing a fight
The second element

From the earth to the skies

Wasn't it you, who was filling my dreams
Wasn't it you, who was filling the streams
Wasn't it you, who was breaking the light

Wasn't it you ... ?

Music: Peterson, Schwarz, Meissner
Lyrics: Peterson, Pirs

From: Dive (1993).

Source of the lyrics: the CD-booklet, with a major correction by me: the eight lines after "A perfect harmony ..." are not in the booklet; the last four are. Thanks to Sergio Pérez for correcting an error I made in copying the text.

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