Sarah Brightman - Guardami

(With one look - Italian version)

Non andare via
Non vorrai di più

Non lasciar che così sia
Con un si vedrai
Quello che vorrai

Sono solo io
Quella che
Ti porterà via

La mia anima è con te
Non saprai di più

Mai più vedrai
La scena che farò
E non fingerò
Di saper di più

Tu sai che io
È lì che finirò
Mentre guardo te
Ti dirò cosa è

Già non parlo più
Sento ormai
Che t'arrenderai

Piano piano tra di noi
È la musica che ti fa sognar

Non ne posso più
Questa si è la vita mia

E nell'ombra
Tutto quel che vuoi

Una dolce melodia
Che qualcuno avrà
Cantato giù

Una fiamma ormai
Come me non ci saranno mai
Sono ancora qui tra voi

Sento che adesso
Io rimarrò qui
Solo adesso
Sento che con te
Sono io

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Lyrics: Don Black and Christopher Hampton, with Amy Powers.
Italian lyrics: Marco Sabiu and Graziano Mallozzi.
Show: "Sunset Boulevard" (1993).
This is the Italian translation of "With one look" from "Sunset Boulevard". This song was originally written for the role of Norma Desmond, the aging and reclusive star of the silent screen, and therefore was composed for a far different voice from Sarah's. But an early sketch of the melody reminded me that I had an idea to use it in a version of "The Little Mermaid" and of its potential for soprano. This project was never persued. Somehow the words didn't fit well at all in a high key in English, a problem I have had with "Memory". One sing-through with an Italian translation solved the problem. [from the CD-booklet]

From: Surrender, The unexpected songs (1995)
and Encore (2001).

Source of the lyrics: Melissa Hofmann, with thanks to Roberto Ferri for some corrections.
Melissa also sent me a literal translation in English made by Dr. Paola Blelloch, Professor in the Modern Languages Department at The College of New Jersey, with thanks to Camila Maceira for a few corrections.
Many thanks also to Roberto Ferri for some more corrections. Roberto writes that translating the lyrics is difficult, as it is not always clear what the Italian lyrics are supposed to mean, even though Roberto is Italian. For some remarks regarding the penultimate stanza, see below the translation.

Look at me

Look at me
Don't go away
Look at me
You will not want more

Do not allow this
With a yes you will see
What you will want

Look at me
It's only me
I will
Take you away

My soul is with you
You will not know more

Never again you'll see
The scene I will do
And I will not pretend
To know more

You know that I
Will end there
While I look at you
And will say what it is

Look at me
Already I am no longer speaking
I feel now
That you will give in

Softly, softly between us
There is the music that makes you dream

Look at me
I cannot resist any longer
This is really my life

And in the shadow
You will find
Everything you want

A sweet melody
That somebody will have
Already sung.

Look at me
I am a flame for you
And no one is (will be) like me
I am still here with you

I feel I will
Stay here
Only now I feel
That with you
I am myself

The penultimate stanza reads in Italian:
Una fiamma ormai
Come me non ci saranno mai
Sono ancora qui tra voi
and Roberto Ferri wonders what is meant here: the Italian lyrics are rather unclear, especially the third line: "As I will never be there" -- where? what? who? Maybe it is "It will never be (someone) like me", but what/who is the "it" then? If Roberto tries to imagine what the Italian writer might have meant, he come to the above given four lines:
Look at me
I am a flame for you
And no one is (will be) like me
I am still here with you
which sounds a bit pretentious, doesn't it?

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