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Loreena McKennitt - The Stories Behind the Songs
Tour in 2014

In August 2014 Loreena announced a series of concerts, entitles The Stories Behind the Songs, as part of the tours related to the The Journey So Far album, in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ottawa in October 2014.

Tour dates are at one time listed on the Performances page on the official website; see this list at my site.

The announcement writes this about the tour:

Loreena is poised to embark on a tour of eastern Ontario and Quebec that will weave together stories and music in a magical, intimate interplay of inspiration and experience.

The Stories Behind the Songs Tour is unique. It will combine music -- including songs Loreena has not performed in some time -- with stories about her global travels in pursuit of Celtic history, quotes from writers who have inspired her, and live questions from the audience on a wide range of topics near and dear to her heart.

She will be accompanied on the tour by long-time musical colleagues, guitarist Brian Hughes and cellist Caroline Lavelle. The fall tour is part of The Journey So Far, which celebrates Loreena's 30-year anniversary as an artist.

Music, stories and short readings will make up the first portion of the programme. After intermission, Loreena will take questions from the audience on a variety of subjects ranging from her self-managed, 30-year career, to the various philanthropic and civic activities she has taken on including her role as Honorary Colonel in the Canadian Air Force, copyright reform, a landmark UK privacy case and establishing the Cook Rees Fund for Water Search and Safety. The evening will conclude with more music from the trio.

"In some ways, the written word has been almost as inspiring as the travels themselves," says Loreena. "I am also looking forward to answering any questions folks may have about the path I have taken, creatively or otherwise. This kind of direct connection with people is always special."

More info will be added when available.

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