List of Cited Texts

Here is a list of all the citations from songs and a book or two that I have on my Web pages; there are no links back to this page.
See also the page with citations at one time used on my Home Page.
All about Eve
Never promise (anyone forever) - All about Eve (1988)
Only one reason - Scarlet and other stories (1989)

Barclay James Harvest
Sea of Tranquility - Gone to Earth (1977)

Vicki Brown
Sunflower - Lady of time (1989)

The Eagles
The last resort - Hotel California (1976)

The lady lies - ...And then there were three... (1978)

Kinderen voor Kinderen
Ik wil nog dit, ik wil nog dat - Kinderen voor Kinderen 11 (1990)

Sally Oldfield
A love like this - Instincts (1988)

Peacock Palace
Hallelujah - Adding wings (1991)

Pink Floyd
Goodbye blue sky - The wall (1979)
The thin ice - The wall (1979)
Time - Dark side of the Moon (1973)

Terry Pratchett
In English:
In het Nederlands:

Suzanne Vega
Language - Solitude standing (1987)
Solitude standing - Solitude standing (1987)

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