Citations of songs

This page contains some citations of songs I liked and typed in for some reason or other over the years and that did not end up in my Ph.D. thesis, which dealt with some aspects of the magnetic field of the Sun; the citations that did are on another page.

Yesterday our songs of glory shone
A dream of ages every one
We sold our souls for senseless gain
And brought our harvest home in vain

Barclay James Harvest - Sea of Tranquility
(Gone to Earth; 1977)

Now the image you have left behind
Is staring back at me
The expression of deep loneliness
Reveals your destiny

Sitting in the park
Blackbirds gather in a threatening sky
The final darkness
Reflected in your eye

Vicki Brown - Sunflower
(Lady of time; 1989)

The cold world keeps turning
We can find no rest,
But in the heart of evolution
I can feel a tenderness.
It's written in the stars,
I feel it from afar,
One day, just over the hill,
We will create a love like this
It's who we are!

Sally Oldfield - A love like this
(Instincts; 1988)

Unbelievable times, when I wish my eyes to turn blind
and then darkness will close about over all mankind.
Unbelievable times, in this world are men, killing men.
So I wish my mouth to shut up and never ever speak again.

Unbelievable times, unpunished crimes:

So many children are not able to read or to write
but in a war they were taught to fight a good fight.

Hallelujah, we still sing hallelujah!

Unbelievable times, we slowly poison all beauty of life
that mothers could not breast-feed their babies because Dioxine's rife!

Unbelievable times, unpunished crimes:

The world is ruled over by hatred and greed.
Imagine two out of three don't have enough to eat!

Hallelujah, we still sing hallelujah!

Peacock Palace - Hallelujah
(Adding wings; 1991)

Ooooh, ooooh.
Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter
When the promise of a brave new world unfold beneath the clear blue sky?
Ooooh, ooooh.
Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
The flames are long gone, but the pain lingers on.
Goodbye blue sky. Goodbye blue sky.
Goodbye, goodbye.

Pink Floyd - Goodbye blue sky
(The wall; 1979)

I won't use words again
They don't mean what I meant
They don't say what I said
They're just the crust of the meaning
With realms underneath
Never touched
Never stirred
Never even moved through

If language were liquid
It would be rushing in
Instead here we are
In a silence more eloquent
Than any word could ever be

Suzanne Vega - Language
(Solitude standing; 1987)

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