Myrna Loy in "I love you again"

poster advertising 'I love you again' The film I love you again (USA, 1940; dir. W.S. Van Dyke II) was described in the tv-guide What's on TV like this:
In this nifty romantic comedy, dull William Powell bumps his head, is cured of nine years of amnesia, and becomes his former shady self.
Myrna Loy, named Kay Wilson in the film, is married to the dull Powell and thinks of divorce, but does not go through with that when she discovers the new/old Powell, who is not dull at all. This or course after several complications, misunderstandings and confusions. The picture shows the poster that announced the movie (jpeg of 39kb; found at the Internet Movie Database).

I absolutely love this movie!!
It shows the wonderful magic of the couple Powell-Loy in comedies.

The movie was on British tv on 27 November 1996, I recorded it and took some photos from the video. The transmission was not very clear, it is only a VHS video (not the much better, but no longer available V2000 system), and I had to keep the camera in my hand, so the pictures are not very good. On this page there are some of the better ones.

The film starts on a luxury cruise ship, where the dull Powell [in the film called Larry Wilson] gets bumps his head and a recognizes a friend from his shady past [when he was called George Carey]. When the boat reaches the harbour Powell's wife, Loy [Kay Wilson], is waiting at the quay side, waiting also for the divorce she wants to be settled.
These to photos show Myrna Loy waiting at the quay:

JPEG (18 kb)

JPEG (17 kb)

The 'new' Powell [i.e. George Carey] does not recognize her or any of the other people waiting for him after the bump on his head, so needs the help of his friend. Then follow various different occasions where Powell seems to behave very strangly, because he has forgotten the things he used to do and the people he used to work with during those nine years of anmesia [i.e. when Powel was Larry Wilson].

One evening, Myrna is already wearing her nightgown, she finds out about the change of her husband. At a certain moment she overhears Powells friend make a telephone call and when he has put down the receiver, he tries to talk his way out of it, but he cannot because she has heard too much and he has to explain everything.
On the left photo Myrna is listening to the telephone conversation, and on the right photo she tells him to come closer and tell the truth:

JPEG (14 kb)

JPEG (15 kb)

Does Myrna not look positively wonderful on these photos?
This is the Myrna I love to see!!

Things are solved after this, with her help, and she does no longer want to divorce Powell, because the new Powell is, unlike the old one with the amnesia, interesting and charming and nice.
These photos are taken almost at the end of the movie:

JPEG (15 kb)

JPEG (15 kb)

And that is the happy end of the story.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos I took, but the video image via the TV was not better!
Here are some other pictures from this movie, found at a page full of pictures of/with Myrna:

JPEG (14 kb)

JPEG (20 kb)

JPEG (18 kb)

I have tried to find photos of Myrna on the Internet and found a several
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