Vicki Brown - Go leave

Go, leave
She's better than me
Or at least she is stronger
She will make it last longer
That's nice for you

Go, leave
Don't come back
No more am I for the taking
But I can't say that my heart's not aching
It's breaking in two

I remember days when we laughed a lot
Those that weren't so good I soon forgot
We could sit and talk till words
Were coming out our ears
Not just for days or weeks or months
But it's been years
And here they come, here come my tears

So go, leave
You've said goodbye
But could it be that you are stalling
Hearts have a way of calling
When they've been true

Music and lyrics: McGarrigle

From: About love and life (1990)
and: Forever ..., the best of (2001).

Source of the lyrics: found on internet [on pages gone by now]
and given in the CD-booklet of About love and life.
Thanks to Susan for some corrections.

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