Vicki Brown - Lazy afternoon

It's a lazy afternoon
And the beetle bugs are zooming
And the tulip trees are blooming
And there's not another human in view,
But us two
It's a lazy afternoon
And the farmer leaves his reaping
And the meadow cows are sleeping
And the speckled trouts stop leaping up stream
As we dream
A far pink cloud hangs over the hill
Unfolding like a rose
If you hold my hand and sit real still,
You can hear the grass as it grows
It's a hazy afternoon
And I know a place that's quiet,
Except for daisies running riot
And there's no one passing by it to see
Come spend this lazy afternoon with me

Music and lyrics: J. Latouche, J. Moross

From: About love and life (1990)
and: Forever ..., the best of (2001).

Source of the lyrics: web page at [lyrics not checked yet]

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