Vicki Brown - Is it mine (Lullaby)

Lullaby, just to see you through till morning
Will I cry because another day is dawning
A [few more hours] that helped to wave
Your childhood years goodbye
Lullaby, listen to my lullaby

Just a child, what do you know yet of danger
In a while you may find love becomes a stranger
Time may take your trust away
And bruise your carefree smile
Until then listen to my lullaby

Dream - all of the dreams I want for you
Let the warmer things surround you
And when I'm - all alone
And you think that you have grown
[In] love to see you, will you sing for me

Lullaby, does your innocence remind me
Of the time that I carried you inside me
And wondered if I had the right
To keep you for all time
Lullaby, is it yours or is it mine

Is it yours or is it mine

Music: J. Brown, R. McKen
Lyrics: J. Brown, R. McKen

From: Vicki Brown (1987)
and: Forever ..., the best of (2001).

Source of the lyrics: written down by Herman van Leeuwen and me.
The words between square brackets are uncertain: I am not sure what is meant here and cannot understand what Vicki is singing.

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created: 2 January 2004
last modified: 26 May 2011