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Apart from the songs by Vicki Brown I list on the page with all CD track lists, I have found out about the following titles of songs Vicki has sung [with many thanks to Ken Mortimer and Joop Jansen and Jerry Veen].

Below I give as much info as I have; if you have more, please let me know. Words between brackets mean words that I am not certain of. There are some doublures, but that might be different versions of the same song.

From Vicki's 1977 solo album "From the inside":
 =  From the inside
        (Artie Wayne)
 =  Blue-finger Lou
        (Alan O'Day)
 =  Mama
        (Steve Ferguson)
 =  Walkin' in the sun
        (Jeff Barry)
 =  Dream baby
        (Cindy Walker)
 =  When me and roly ruled the world (Patches)
        (Joe Brown)
 =  Tennessee waltz
        (Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King)
 =  Let it be me (Je t'appartiens)
        (Gilbert Becaud & Pierre Delanoe)
 =  (The worst you ever gave me was) The best I ever had
        (Danny & Ruby Hice)
 =  Heartbreak Hotel
        (Mae Boren Axton & Tommy Durden & Elvis Presley)
[The album was produced by Shel Talmy and recorded in de Morgan Studios in Londen, and released by Power Exhange (labelnumber 9124 256).]
[Album cover found on Discogs.]
From the 1977 album Joe Brown "Live":
 =  Jackson
        (B. Wheeler)
 =  All things bright and beautiful
        (Trad. arr. Joe Brown)
 =  Me and Bobby McGee
        (K. Kristofferson)
 =  Hit me across the head with a spoon
        (T. Stamp)
 =  Tomorrow's here today
        (R. McKey / J. Fagin)
 =  Up on a mountain
        (S. Silverstein)
 =  Tennessee waltz
        (Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King)
[Album covers found on Discogs.]
1972 duets with Stephanie De-Sykes:
 =  It happened on a Sunday morning
 =  Come on into my world
1968 duet with Joe Brown:
 =  Diamonds of dew
From a 1975 (1982?) album called Water music by the Italian band leader Del Newman:
 =  The sea
        (C.Mair - C.Trenet)
 =  Sailing
 =  Bridge over troubled water
 =  As tears go by
        (M.Jagger - K.Richard - A.LoogOldham)
      And Vicki does backing vocals on other songs of the album, as does among others Sam Brown.
[Album cover found on Discogs.]
From a BBC radio session in the 1970s:
 =  Valley of the dolls
 =  Goin' back
The A and B side of a 1977 single with Joe Brown:
 =  All things bright and beautiful
 =  To be a pilgrim
Song by J.J. [Basrie] with Vicki on backing vocals:
 =  No change
Tracks 4 and 5 of an album by Jon Lord:
 =  Say it's alright
 =  Lady

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