Sarah Brightman -- Concert "One night in Eden"
Seats in The Hague

Sarah's concert I saw on 22 May 1999 was in the Prins Willem Alexanderzaal of the Netherlands Congress Centre (NCC) in The Hague.

I made reservartions by phone for me and two friends who wanted to see the concert too and specifically asked for seats close to the stage. The reason for this is that my eyes are not so good (for example, I have to keep a book I read at about 10 cm from my eyes), so I need to sit close to the stage in order to see something of what is going on.

The man I talked to on the phone on 27 April (the first day the tickets were on sale) told me he had three seats available on the sixth row from the stage -- not exactly in the middle of the row, but not too far off. I thought that this was acceptable and therefore ordered the tickets. These were first rank seats, with a price of 85 Dutch guilders (around US$ 40).

When we arrived in the concert hall on 22 May it appeared that we were mislead: we had seats on row six alright, but this row is some 32 rows from the stage in the so-called "amphi theatre" part.

This picture (9 kb) shows the layout of the concert hall:

The concert hall is divided in four parts:
closest to the stage ("podium" in Dutch) is
the "loge" (my dictionary translates that as
"box"; coloured blue), then the stalls (red),
then the so-called "amphi" part (green),
with above that the balcony (yellow).

The arrow marked "1" points to the seats that where mentioned at the tickets I got: very far from the stage, much further than expected -- I expected to have seats on the row at the arrow marked "2".

Because I would not be able to see anything from such a big distance I talked to the officials of the NCC, who could not do much for me: all seats in front were taken. But there were some seats available on row 17 of the stalles, some 25 rows from the stage and a bit more to the centre. Though this was still too far from the stage for me to see much, we accepted these seats: they were better than nothing and we did want to see/hear the concert. The seats we eventually had are marked above by arrow "3".

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