Sarah Brightman -- Vesennije vody

Jeshchjo v poljakh belejet sneg,
A vody uzh vesnoj shumjat,
Begut i budjat sonnyj breg,
Begut i bleshchut, i glasjat.
Oni glasjat vo vse koncy:
"Vesna idet, Vesna idet!
My molodoj vesny goncy,
Ona nas vyslala vperjod.
Vesna idet, Vesna idet!"
I tikhikh, teplykh majskikh dnej
Rumjanyj, svetlyj khorovod
Tolpitsja veselo za nej.
           Spring waters
The fields are still covered with white snow.
But the waters are already rolling in a spring mood,
Running and awakening the sleepy shore,
Running and gliterring and announcing loudly.
They are announcing loudly to every corner:
"Spring is coming, Spring is coming!
We are the messengers of young Spring,
She has sent us to come forward,
Spring is coming, Spring is coming!"
And the quiet, warm May days
Follow her, merrily crowded
Into the rosy, bright dancing circle.

Music and lyrics: ???

This song is from Sarah was touring with Requiem.
Source of the lyrics: thanks to Ferdinand Chevalier, who also provided the above translation into English.

This are the lyrics in Cyrillic notation:

Cyrillic lyrics
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