Sarah Brightman & Seiko Matsuda - Sweet memories

I guess it's the pain
That brings back those memories
All of the ones that I
Thought were all dead and gone
But then I guess that time has a hold of
All my dreams of you
I can't go back until they're through
Baby, don't ask if I am happy
It's such a funny game
It always ends in pain
And I'm no good at lies
I can't take it, I feel so alone
No other love can take your place
All of my memories
Lost like a dreamer
Beautiful rainbows
Coming out after the rain
All night long you
Sarah & Seiko
You filled me up with
All of the kindness in your heart
And all I have left are sweet memories
Don't kiss me, baby
We can never be
So don't add more than pain
Please, don't hurt me again
I have spent so many nights
Thinking of you, longing for your touch
I have once loved you so much
I guess I was too young
Too young to know love
Too young to think that
You would hurt me like others you found
Too young for rainbows
All of my colors turned to rain
Sarah & Seiko
And now I, I'm left with sweet memories

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Lyrics: ?

The song was sung in 1998 at an Asian TV show
Source of the lyrics: thanks to Ferdinand Chevalier

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