Sarah Brightman - Stand alone

Kyi sana hikari ka
Ayuane mishiwate rasu
Kipo hono tsupomi ka
Torukomo mitsume kyi ka

Mayuni naya puhono
Hito watsuyusa motsu karukara
Ume wo miyu
Ritoshite kapi katsu
Hichitono kumawa nezashi

Hanatato ayuhuda
Ano hino michi wasakasu
Hitori no hinori ka
Kokoro no sumae umu ko

Sora ichi wo hirogi
Murisu soko hikari atsumeke
Tomone chodoki ko harakepa
Yume kararu
Atanaki hiyamu no
Washi toro kizume no tsuki

Watashi na shiro chiru
Ana kara tatome mukuru
Ritoshite kapi katsu
Hichitono kumawa nezashi

Music: Joe Hisaishi
Lyrics: Kundo Koyama title screenshot

This song, recorded in 2009 with the NHK orchestra, is the theme song for a Japanese TV Drama called Saka No Ue No Kumo, also known as Clouds Over the Hill. The series is set in Japan's tumultuous 19th century Meiji Period.
See for example the Wikipedia page or the DramaWiki page or the IMDb page for info regarding this series.

Source of the lyrics: Luis Colomo, who also provided the following rough translation into English, trying to capture the poetic feeling rather than give a literal translation.

A dim light illuminates
The road that we walk on.
A spark of hope gazes from afar:
Your hope comes true.

The more worried we are,
The stronger we get.
I'm dreaming
That I will go traveling [fine],
In order to reach the clouds.

I walk with you now,
Looking for the road
That connects people's wishes.

I open my arms to the sky,
In order to feel the thin mist,
Wishing that it also reaches you,
My friend.
Dreams come true,
I put my soul in the wind of tomorrow.

I Believe
The new age is coming,
And I will go traveling [fine],
In order to reach the clouds.

The open lines and some line breaks are added by me - don't know whether they agree with the Japanese lyrics - and I have made a few small changes. Some other word is needed for the 'fine' between square brackets, and there is probably more room for improvement.

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