Sarah Brightman - Sleep tight

We saw Fantasia in a far off land,
Cry for the living in the desert sand.
They waited underneath a splintered moon.
To hear the beating of an ancient tune.

Sleep tight.
The reaper's waiting in the wings.
Sleep tight.
To reap a man of many things.
Sleep tight.
Look through the eyes of destiny.
Sleep tight.
We find the kingdom but He holds the key.

I met a seer who believes and dreams,
Our blood is running through eternal streams.
Dust you'll return and dust you shall remain.
'Coz that's the only heart that beats and beats again.

      [Chorus -- 3x]

Sleep tight.

Music and lyrics: T. Schwarz, M. Meissner / S. Brightman, T. Schwarz

From Time To Say Goodbye -- the single (1997).

Source of the lyrics: this page at with some minor corrections; the lines in italics are sung by the backing vocals.

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