Sarah Brightman -- La Wally

Ebbene? ... N'andrò lontana,
come va l'eco della pia campana,
là, fra la neve bianca;
là, fra le nubi d'or;
là, dov'è la speranza, la speranza
il rimpianto, il rimpianto, e il dolor!

O della madre mia casa gioconda,
la Wally n'andrà da te,
da te lontana assai,
e forse a te, e forse a te,
non farà mai più ritorno,
nè più la rivedrai!
mai più, mai più!

N'andrò sola e lontana,
come l'eco è della pia campana,
là, fra la neve bianca;
n'andrò, n'andrò sola e lontana!
e fra le nubi d'or!

Music: Alfredo Catalani
Libretto: Luigi Illica

From: Timeless (1997).
And from: Classics (2001) as well as Classics - European release (2006) and on Amalfi: Sarah Brightman love songs (2010).

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Tsukasa Ikeguchi, with corrections by Alessandra Cavalletti and Enzo Michelangeli.
Thanks also Carlos Edmar de Almeida Souza, Benjamin Chee and Richard Radishman for various help.

On this page futhermore:
 >  some notes on the lyrics and the background of La Wally
 >  translation into English
 >  other translations and versions



Translation into English

The following translation is from Enzo Michelangeli, who improved the translation I had first here (with thanks to Benjamin and Alessandra).

Well then? I'll go far away,
as goes the echo from the pious bell
there, amid the white snow;
there, amid the golden clouds;
there, where hope is, hope,
regret, regret, and sorrow!

O my mother's joyous house,
Wally will go away from you,
from you so far away
and perhaps to you, perhaps to you
never she will return,
nor you will see her again!
nevermore, nevermore!

I'll go alone and far away,
as is the echo of the pious bell,
there, amid the white snow;
I'll go, I'll go alone and far away!
and amid the golden clouds!


Other translations and versions

Hayley sent me a beautiful poetic translation of "Ebben? Ne andrò lontana" from La Wally, taken from The Modern Soprano Operatic Album (Ricordi). It is more like a real English version than a translation, I think, but certainly worth giving here:
'Tis well! my way lies yonder!
I hear afar the snowy mountains calling;
Forth to their heights I wander,
Forth to the sunset glow;
'Tis they shall calm the sorrow, calm the sorrow,
This heart alone, this heart alone may know.

Oh! peaceful cottage,
Dear home of my childhood,
The mountains are calling me!
Alas! I now must leave thee!
And nevermore,
And nevermore shall mine eyes fondly behold thee!
Home that I love so dearly.
Farewell! farewell!

'Tis well! my way lies yonder;
I can hear the snowy mountains calling;
Forth to their heights I wander;
Farewell! farewell! home of my childhood!
Farewell for evermore!

And this web page from Shaun Ivory has slightly different lyrics and translation; perhaps it is of a slightly different version.
[Thanks to Ed Mantel for info.]

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