Sarah Brightman -- No one like you

And we too - will it not be soft and kind
That rest from life, from patience and from pain
That rest from bliss, we know not when we find
How can I have enough of life and love

In your eyes are my secrets that I've never shown you
In my heart I feel I've always known you
In your arms there's a comfort that I never knew
You're what I've been waiting for, there's no one like you

Sure as the sunrise, pure as a prayer
You fashioned hope right out of thin air
Ev'ry dream I abandoned, seems it could come true
I believe in miracles, there's no one like you

Innocent as a newborn in a world so fright'ning
It's as if my world's been struck by lightning
Ev'ry dream I abandoned, seems it could come true
I believe in miracles, there's no one like you

Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Lyrics: David Zippel

From: Timeless (1997).

The music of this song is the theme of the movie Powder and it also is instrumental on the soundtrack CD, as Tiga Ultraman wrote me. The movie, released late 1995, directed by Victor Salva; see the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for more info.
The lyrics (© 1997) where written by after the film was made, but David Zippel took his inspiration from the story. I have not seen this movie, but Tiga Ultraman wrote me that "... the lines about the newborn baby being hit by lightning are pretty much what the movie's about".

Many people have sent me an email asking for the sheet music of this song. Thanks to Mary Lou Mills I can write that it is distributed by:
Hal Leonard Corporation
7777 W. Blumound Rd.
P.O. Box 13819
Milwaukee, WI 53213
and it is available on the web through Pepper Music Network (for US$3.95 at the time this was written).
Thanks also to Anna Merced for info.

Source of the lyrics:
First versions were written down by me and Carlos Edmar de Almeida Souza, with some corrections by Benjamin Chee, Tom Connair and Kate.
Later I received the original lyrics as written by David Zippel, and this made me make one correction:

Originally I had in the third line of the last two stanzas "Ev'ry dream lay abandoned, ...", because I clearly heard Sarah sing "lay": it did not sound like "I" to me. Many people told me they thought it should be "I", but I was stubborn.
When I got the original lyrics (i.e. the last three stanzas, printed above in roman font) from David Zippel, I saw that it should be "I", so I gave in and adapted the lyrics given above, even though I still think what Sarah sings sounds more like "lay".
Someone once suggested it is "lie", but that could certainly not be right: then it should be "lies", since "dream" is single, and Sarah certainly does not sing that.

The first four lines of the song

The first four lines, given above in italics, are spoken and they are not part of the original lyrics I got. Barbara A. Sarkody and Christian Wallenborg wrote that the lines are from a poem called October, written by William Morris (1834-1896), and she sent me the full text of the poem. (I do not know whether these lines, or the poem, are used in the movie Powder itself.)
The four lines as given above are taken from the full poem. In the song they are spoken, but unfortunately not very clear, and knowning the words does not mean I can understand exactly what is being said. Christian increased the tempo of these words and thus heard that they are spoken by Sarah herself, as far as he could tell.
Some remarks based on what I had here before:
 =  The beginning of the first line sounds like "And reaching ..." to me, but that does not make sense to me.
 =  It sounds to me as if the second and third line start with "At", but several people have suggested that it was "That", and this appears to be the case. "At" does not make much sense to me, I'm afraid, but I guess that is because it is poetry from over a century ago.
 =  Some people suggested that the start of the third line would be "That restfull bliss, we ...", but I was not convinced, even though it would have made sense.

Claude Lammens stuurde me deze mooie vertaling in het Nederlands:

Niemand als jij

In je ogen mijn geheimen die ik je nooit heb bekend
In mijn hart het gevoel dat ik je altijd heb gekend
In jouw armen een zachtheid die nieuw is voor mij
Op jou heb ik gewacht - er is niemand als jij

Even zeker als de dageraad, en zuiver als een gebed
Heb jij, uit het ijle, weer hoop in mij gelegd,
Elke droom die ik opgaf, lijkt nu te kunnen zijn
Ik geloof in wonderen - er is niemand als jij

De onschuld van een boreling in een wereld zo boos
Als door bliksem getroffen wordt alles weer broos
Elke droom die ik opgaf, lijkt nu te kunnen zijn
Ik geloof in wonderen - er is niemand als jij

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