Sarah Brightman -- Namida [When firebirds cry]

When firebirds cry, they say a thousand tears
Fall from the heavens like small diamond spears
There they do shine on the crowns of the waves
And all the boats, their sails burst into flames

Namida -- forbidden lovers' tears
Namida -- eternity lives here

You and I will rise
Firebirds on high

Home is for you the Lost Land of Curved Fire
And I'm the one from the Sea of Desires
O firey flight, o celestial we glide
Haloed in light with our wings intertwined

Namida -- forbidden lovers' tears
Namida -- eternity lives here

See, we'll never die
Firebirds on high

Namida ...
Namida ...

Firebirds on high

Music: Kazuhiko Kato
Lyrics: Chris Mosdell
Orchestra: New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Yukata Sado

From: Harem Ultimate Edition (2004; Japan only).

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Mandi Martin; the 3rd line in the 4th stanza has "we glide": is that correct? At first I was puzzled by the 'say tears' in the first line, but combined with the second line it does make sense; to make this easier to read, I've added a comma in the first line.
[Thanks also to Becky Wilson and Mark Bliss.]

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created: 11 July 2004
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