Sarah Brightman - You take my breath away

[some lines sung in Indian:    "Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye."]

We saw the holy men
come in from Sanchi
We touched their souls
and heard the Martyrs crying
Among the fields of red
we took the strange brew
The windless sky diwali
moon were calling to me
The deeper I go
the higher I fly with you

You take my breath away
Ooho you ...                           -- lines repeated several times

[some lines sung in Indian, from the first singer]

You take my breath away ...

You take my breath away
Ooho you ...                           -- lines repeated many times

Music & lyrics: Sarah Brightman, Frank Peterson

From: Fly (1995/1997) and Harem (2003; US version only).

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Jens Cornely, Bjorn Handeland, Christian Colding and Attila; assuming that the version on Harem is the same as on Fly.


Some remarks on the Indian lines

The song You take my breath away contains some lines sung in the background which are in Indian. Thanks to Tatiana Tjianne for the exact words.

N.N. wrote that these Indian lines come from an Indian movie from the 1980s called Umrao Jaan, directed by Muzaffar Ali, with music from Khaiyyam and lyrics from Shahryar and the singer's name is Asha Bhosle.

N.N. added that Rekha won the National Award for the title role in this classic and that Asha Bhosle's contribution to the win is irrefutable. The actress and the singer both displayed an intimate knowledge of the soul of Umrao Jaan. As Asha sings the words ("Dil Cheez Kya Hai Aap Meri"), the listener returns her sentiments. Truly, N.N. writes, we would give our lives if given the chance to hear this tune again in heaven.
After the intro, when the beat starts, another singer repeats several times something that sounds like "da-hay" or "da-jay", which is probably meant more like background music than words.
Further down the song the first singer sings some Indian words again; I guess also from the Indian movie mentioned.

Note that the second line in English has the name "Sanchi", which is the name of a town in India (with an - or ~ on the 'a' of Sanchi), some 50 km North-East of Bhopal.

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