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Loreena McKennitt - Live in concert
Tour in 2008

After the success of the album An Ancient Muse and the tour in 2007 with the same name, Loreena starts a Live in Concert tour with concerts in Europe in the Summer of 2008. Tour dates were listed on the Performances page on the official website; see also this list at my site.

I had the opportunity to go to the very first concert of the Tour, in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 27 June. The concert was wonderful! Loreena performed a variety of songs. Some of these were also performed at the tour in 2007, other songs were not.

The concert booklet did not have the list of songs Loreena performed, and I did not make notes -- I enjoyed the songs! -- so I cannot give the set list here, until someone has sent it to me. In any case, the concert started with "She moved through the fair", also Loreena also performed "Raglan Road", "Caravanserai", "Bonne Portmore", "The Lady of Shalott" (abridged), "The old ways", "The highwayman", and more.



Set list & musicians (Summer 2008)

The following table lists the songs performed (as far as I can remember) at the two concerts I have been to, with links to the individual lyrics (if the song has lyrics) and to the original (studio) albums of the songs. This set list has very few changes with respect to the set list of the Spring 2007 tour.
Set 1 Set 2
  1. She moved through the fair
    from: Elemental
  2. The gates of Istanbul
    from: An ancient muse
  3. The mummers' dance
    from: The book of secrets
  4. Bonny Portmore
    from: The visit
  5. Marco Polo
    from: The book of secrets
  6. The highwayman
    from: The book of secrets
  7. Dante's prayer
    from: The visit
  8. The bonny swans
    from: The mask and mirror
  9. Caravanserai
    from: An ancient muse
  1. Raglan Road
    (not released on a studio album)
  2. The mystic's dream
    from: The mask and mirror
  3. Santiago
    from: The mask and mirror
  4. The Lady of Shalott [abridged]
    from: The visit
  5. Beneath a phrygian sky
    from: An ancient muse
  6. The old ways
    from: The visit
  7. Never-ending road (Amhrán Duit)
    from: An ancient muse


  8. Huron 'beltane' fire dance
    from: Parallel dreams
  9. Cymbeline
    from: The visit
The following is a list of the musicians as mentioned in the programme booklet of the concerts. Links of the musicians names lead to their website, as mentioned in that booklet.
Loreena McKennitt   Vocals, Accordion, Harp, Piano
Clive Deamer   Drums and Percussion
Simon Edwards   Bass and marímbula
Ben Grossman   Hurdy Gurdy and Percussion
Brian Hughes   Electric and Accoustic Guitars, Oud, Celtic Bouzouki
Zoltan Lantos   Violin
Caroline Lavelle   Cello
Rick Lazar   Percussion
Stratis Psaradellis   Constantinople Lyra, Greek Lute
Donald Quan   Viola, Keyboards, Tabla, Accordion

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