Loreena McKennitt - Lost Souls

This journey's over
Another's just begun
Beneath the moonlight
Or by the warming sun

I seek to hold you
In sunshine or in rain
Beneath the heavens
I'm coming home again

So far we drifted
Like ships upon the sea
Horizons fading
We lost our destiny

The storm clouds hover
Our vanity like pain
Which held back the winds
That bring us home again

Oh could I see now
The swallows in their flight
Or watch the moon dance
On oceans in the night

The trees reach upward
To help the birds to fly
And of the creatures
Who will hear them when they cry?

We walk the hillside
Like lost souls through the night
And in the darkness
We're searching for the light

And in the morning
Like freshly fallen dew
Much like a moon's breath
I'm coming home to you

This journey's over
Another's just begun
Beneath the moonlight
Or by the warming sun

For I remember
That if my heart be true
Just like an eagle
I'm coming home to you

music: Loreena McKennitt
lyrics: Loreena McKennitt
From: Lost Souls (2018).

A live version can be found on Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2019).

Source of the lyrics
The Quinlan Road website
with some minor corrections by me based what Loreena sings:
- 6th stanza, line 1: "to" removed at end of line (is at start next line)
- 6th stanza, line 4: "... them when they cry?" added
- 7th stanza, line 2: "... souls through the ..." (instead of in)
- some periods removed, as the lyrics has no punctuation

Song Notes by Loreena

It is inevitable during one's life to reflect on where we have come from, what we have done and where we are headed. Whenever one journey ends, another begins and we know not where it will lead. Are we lost souls to an unknown destiny, or simply part of a greater journey than we can ever imagine?
Copied from the Quinlan Road website

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created: 9 June 2018
last modified: 11 January 2020