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music Loreena McKennitt
From: An ancient muse (2006).

Loreena McKennitt's commentary on the song, taken from the transcript of an audio interview:

The song "Incantation" was inspired from a few corners. One was that I have had some experience working in the theatre. And I always loved, particularly at the Stratford theatre, there's a kind of stage before the play actually begins, there's a pre-theatre moment or pre-play moment where the lights go to half, there might be some kind of sound effect. I know, in Stratford there's actually a bell that rings. Its purpose seems to be to try to set you up psychologically and emotionally for an event that is going to happen.

The piece that begins An Ancient Muse called "Incantation", the purpose of it is primarily to set up an emotional mood. As far as the melody that is involved in this piece, I really want to allude to an earlier period of time. And I think some of the imagery that was inspiring the melody was I had a chance to spend some time in an area of Turkey called Cappadocia where there are these incredible rock formations and within these rock formations housed these very early Christian churches or chapels. And it was at a period of time that the Christian community was under persecution and they were retreating to these places of worship found within these rocks. And you go inside and you see this exquisite artwork that harkens back to the second or third century AD. So the song "Incantation" was really built with these dimensions in mind.

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