Software tools -- pstogif

Converting PostScript images into GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF or PNM

A software tool called pstogif is provided to convert images (such as plots) made in PostScript (PS or EPS) into other formats: GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PNM.

The main advantage of pstogif over conversion packages such as the widely used convert, is that pstogif performs any scaling of the image before conversion - convert performs the scaling after the conversion, leading to strange artifacts in the image, notably with straight lines, and interpolation of colours.

For more information, see the manual ('man page') in HTML form.

Manuals & Download the package

Current version: 1.56 (23 Jul. 2015) For remarks and suggestion regarding the "pstogif" package, please contact me.


The 'sample' directory in the package contains a few examples of output image formats, starting from a simple PostScript plot [or look at PDF version]. Some of these examples are shown below; click on the image for a larger version.
example: GIF with white border Standard conversion into GIF, with a 5-pixel wide white margin. The image contains comment text and -- since the original PostScript image is in landscape format -- had to be rotated over -90 degrees.
Same as above, but now with a 1-pixel wide black line around the white margin that surrounds the plot. example: GIF with white border and black edge
example: transparent PNG Transparent PNG image.
Silly rotation with double-coloured margin.

Note that rotations over angles which are not multiples of 90 degrees ruin straight lines.

example: silly rotation

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