Six years of total ozone column measurements from SCIAMACHY nadir observations

Lerot, C., Van Roozendael, M., Van Geffen, J., Van Gent, J., Fayt, C., Spurr, R., Lichtenberg, G. and Von Bargen, A.: 2009,
Atmos. Meas. Tech. 2, 87-98.


Total O3 columns have been retrieved from six years of SCIAMACHY nadir UV radiance measurements using SDOAS, an adaptation of the GDOAS algorithm previously developed at BIRA-IASB for the GOME instrument. GDOAS and SDOAS have been implemented by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the version 4 of the GOME Data Processor (GDP) and in version 3 of the SCIAMACHY Ground Processor (SGP), respectively. The processors are being run at the DLR processing centre on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). We first focus on the description of the SDOAS algorithm with particular attention to the impact of uncertainties on the reference O3 absorption cross-sections. Second, the resulting SCIAMACHY total ozone data set is globally evaluated through large-scale comparisons with results from GOME and OMI as well as with ground-based correlative measurements. The various total ozone data sets are found to agree within 2% on average. However, a negative trend of 0.20.4%/year has been identified in the SCIAMACHY O3 columns; this probably originates from instrumental degradation effects that have not yet been fully characterized.


   1. Introduction
   2. Algorithm description
      2.1  DOAS fitting
      2.2  SCD to VCD conversion
           2.2.1  Molecular Ring correction
           2.2.2  AMF computation
           2.2.3  Data bases
   3. O3 absorption cross-sections
      3.1  Intercomparison of the data sets
      3.2  Wavelength registration
      3.3  SDOAS fitting performance
   4. Evaluation of SCIAMACHY total ozone data set
      4.1  Comparison with GOME O3 measurements
      4.2  Comparison with OMI O3 measurements
      4.3  Comparison with TOSOMI O3 columns
      4.4  Comparison with ground-based measurements
      4.5  Summary of comparison results
   5. Conclusions

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