Ave Maria -- Garvarentz, Kretzmer, Aznavour

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Those who suffer hold out to you
Your arms embrace them all
For you have suffered too
Like any other
Oh Holy Mother

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
There are childern [... lost] with their fears
You who once lost a child
You wash them with your tears
You glorify them
You beautify them

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
I'll hold on to you
Straight through the night
So take them by the hand
And lead them to the Lord

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

Lyrics: Charles Aznavour
Music: Georges Garvarentz, Charles Aznavour
English lyrics: Herbert Kretzmer

From: Silent Night, Christmas song sung by Ann Phillips (1988); the song is credited "G. Garvarentz, H. Kretzmer, C. Aznavour".
Where this song originally comes from or was written for I do not know. Judging from what I could find on the Web, the original song was in French and sung by Charles Aznavour in 1978. I guess that the H. Kretzmer creditted is responsible for the translation into English.

By the way, the song starts with some heavy organ music which I do not like: I always skip the first 25 seconds. Then the music settles down and is very good, fitting well with the lyrics.

Source of the lyrics: written down by me; still miss two words.

The original Ave Maria by Schubert has German lyrics, after a poem by Sir Walter Scott. Most versions around, however, use the Latin prayer of that name as lyrics. See for example Sarah Brightman's version of Ave Maria; that page also describes the background of the song and the original lyrics.

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