Novel Approach to Tropospheric NO2 Retrieval for TROPOMI

Van Geffen, J., De Haan, J., Boersma, F., Van der A., R. and Veefkind, P.: 2012,
in: Proceedings of the Atmospheric Science Conference ATMOS 2012,
Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications,
18-22 June 2012, Brugge, Belgium, ESA publication SP-708


The current retrieval of tropospheric NO2 data from satellite measurements -- called DOMINO for OMI data and TM4NO2A for GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 data -- will be continued and improved in the light of the forthcoming Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI), aboard the Sentinel-5 Precursor mission, which is due for lauch in March 2015. The DOMINO~/ TM4NO2A processing applies a DOAS retrieval on the satellite data and to determine the tropospheric NO2 column it uses an AMF look-up table and a data assimilation system. For the latter a number of improvements are already planned. This paper describes the possible replacement of the DOAS retrieval and AMF look-up table by a novel retrieval method, called DISMAS, which potentially provides a better data product: more accurate tropospheric NO2 data, with better error estimates. Results of some first sensitivity tests of DISMAS retrievals using simulated data are presented as well.


   1. Introduction
   2. Tropospheric NO2 retrieval
      2.1 Current processing using DOAS
      2.2 Proposed processing using DISMAS
      2.3 Off-line (re)processing
      2.4 Cloud cover data
   3. Retrieval methods & improvements
      3.1 DOAS retrieval
      3.2 DISMAS retrieval
      3.3 Data assimilation system
   4. Sensitivity studies with DISMAS
      4.1 Varying surface albedo under clear-sky
   5. Concluding remarks
PDF file of the paper (8 pages; 202 kB)

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