Modelling of Meddy-topography interactions


The principal objective of the project is to undertake an integrated numerical and laboratory model study of Meddy-like eddies with various types of bottom and lateral topographies. Meddies generated at depth in the waters of the south Iberian coast are known to encounter extremely complex topography between the generation region and the Canaries-Azores basin, but the details of the topographic influence on the eddies are not well-known. The purpose of the modelling study is to determine how the eddies are distorted by their passage over and around isolated and multiple seamounts and how their trajectories are controlled by ridge and shelf-like bathymetry. An important objective will be to compare the results of numerical model predictions with laboratory data and with field observations. The results will have clear relevance to processes operating in the Canaries-Azores region, but will also have general applicability to other regional basins where generic isolated lens-like eddies have been identified.

On a separate page follows the description of the research project of the proposal.

The text of the proposal is written by Peter Davies; I added some things about the numerical work.

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