Trend spatial & temporal distribution, and sources of the tropospheric SO2 over China based on satellite measurements during 2004-2009

Zhang, X., Van Geffen, J., Zhang, P., and Wang, J.: 2011
in: Proceedings of the Dragon 2 Programme Mid-Term Results 2008 - 2010,
17-21 May 2010. Guilin City, China, ESA publication SP-684.


In this study, SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT SO2 data products have been validated by ground based remote sensing instrument MAXDOAS in China. The spatial and temporal distribution of tropospheric SO2 over China is discussed in this study. The result shows that the SO2 load over East China is decreasing since strong control for pollution emission in 2007 for preparation of 2008 Olympic Games in China, while the SO2 load in West China is increasing all the way during 2004-2009, which might reflect that the anthropogenic activity was added to promote the economy development in west of China.

Typical seasonal variation with high pollution levels in winter and low in summer is found in the northwest of China, while the inverse seasonal variation is found for the south of China. The characteristics of tropospheric SO2 over megacities in China were explored and the results show that tropospheric SO2 was partly under control from 2006 because of the policy from China government for reduction in SO2 emissions in 2005.


   1. Methology and data sources
      1.1  SCIAMACHY instrument and SO2 data retrieval
      1.2  Ground-based remote sensing data
   3. Results and discussion
      3.1  Validation of satellite data products
      3.2  Spatial and temporal distribution
      3.3  Seasonal variation
      3.4  Characteristics of tropospheric SO2 over megacities in China
   4. Conclusions
note: the sections are not numbered correctly

PDF file of the paper (10 pages; 480 kB)

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