SO2 atmospheric loading revealed through ground-based and satellite measurements

Koukouli, M.E., Van Geffen, J., Krotkov, N., Balis, D.S., Bais, A., Van Roozendael, M., Van der A, R. and Zerefos, C.: 2009,
in: Proceedings of the International Space Technology Conference,
24-26 August 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece.


Under the framework of the European Union Air Quality Monitoring and Forecasting in China, Amfic, project the sulfur dioxide, SO2, columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument flying on board NASA's Aura satellite, OMI/Aura, and the Sciamachy instrument flying on board ESA's EnviSat satellite, have been compared to global groundbased measurements. The main objective of this work is to assess the ability of both satellite and ground-based measurements to reveal sources and transport mechanisms of anthropogenic SO2 pollution on a global scale. The study commences with a detailed examination of each of the measurements separately, and then proceeds with a common revision. The strengths and shortcomings of each piece of information are identified, discussed and commended upon in turn in the following work. In the least, possible issues that might improve the measurements are to be identified and suggestions given.


   I. Introduction
   II. Data sets
   III. Results
   IV. Conclusions

PDF file of the paper (4 pages; 120 kB)

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